Da Bomb-sled

The Bobsled trail off of the SLC BST is the bomb! It's pure mountain biking ecstasy. I'm both pleased to ride such a great trail for the first time, and annoyed that I've been mountain biking for more than 15 years and have only just now "discovered" it. (Even better/worse, I also rode upper Millcreek [aka Dog Lake] for the first time this year - sad.)

We parked at the park near 11th Ave and Terrace Hills Dr and headed to Dry Gulch - such a nice climb. Cruising along the BST was also nice. The Wall made us work. We stopped at the Bobsled turnoff and Mark let me have the honor of going first. It's a bit steep at first, but not too hairy. There is some small banked turns, but after the junction with the old entrance trail the berms get higher - like up to 10 feet. It was pure fun to go high on those banked turns - end even better, most of the time there are several banked turns in succession so the fun just keeps coming as you roll out of one and into the next.

There are several stunts scattered along the trail too. We hit a few of the mellow ones here and there. The highlight was the ladder drop near the end. It's about 1.5 feet high and flat. It looks bigger from above, but not so bad from below. I thought I'd give it a try, but wimped out as I got closer. Mark regretted not going for it last time and, after a false, start went for it and made it just fine. Well, the gauntlet had been throw down - I couldn't wuss out now. I lined up and rolled it easy - landed a bit heavy on the rear wheel, but all-in-all pretty smooth. Mark didn't get me in the air when he took a photo, so I did it again. Still not a good shot, so I did it again. I think I ended up doing it 4 times - fun stuff.

We also hit the little ladder ramp just down a short ways. I timed it bad and pulled up on the bars after the front wheel left the ramp - I landed nose heavy, but pulled it out.

We had so much fun, and with just enough daylight left, we decided to do it again. This time we climbed up Terrace Hills Dr and onto the old double track. It's steeper, but faster than Dry Gulch. The second run was also sweet. Knowing the trail a bit better I was able to bank higher and run a bit smoother. We both rolled right off the ladder drop and I hit the ramp better this time.

Simply a fun, short ride that put a big smile on my face.

Mark's report

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