Let There Be Light

Back in September Sly was into night riding and noted how nice it was to have popular trails like Millcreek all to his self. It got me interested to try some night riding. Then I found out my brother-in-law has a Light & Motion, Solo Logic that he bought a few years ago and hasn't used much lately. So I asked if I could borrow it. He dropped it by yesterday and I charged it up for a bit tonight then turned it on. Dang, it's bright! And this is old halogen tech - the new HID and LED stuff is even better. But it's good enough for me. I'll let it finish charging tonight then try it for a ride tomorrow up on the Orem BST, my "backyard" trail. I've used headlamps a lot so my first instinct is to helmet-mount the light. Maybe I'll try bar-mount too.

Speaking of lights for mountain biking, Dave Harris has been building his own super-bright LED lights and it sounds like he's cooked up some good stuff. Since he busted his heel, he pulled support duty for Lynda at Worlds (24 Hours of Adrenaline World Solo Championship) and lent her his light setup - check it:

I enjoy tinkering with electronics and building stuff and would like to get into DIY LED bike lights. If I ever meet Dave you can be sure I'll bring up the subject.

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