Corner Canyon Double

Corner Canyon is in great shape right now - I rode it yesterday and today.

Yesterday I rode solo at lunch and stayed low. Started at the equestrian center and went up the lower Corner Canyon trail to the bottom of Clark's (it's still closed), then took the Silica Pits trail over to the bottom of the Ghost Falls trail and took a left on the new connector trail (over the footbridge) to connect with the northbound BST. I rode the BST all the way out to Bear Creek Canyon and back. I love this section of trail - it's fast and swoopy. On the way back I took the newish trail up on the west side slope of lower Corner Canyon then back to the car. This ride put a smile on my face as I kept the pace up and rolled fast.

A stream crossing I rode through.

The bridge over Bear Creek.

Bear Creek.

Heading back down the BST into Corner Canyon - sweet single-track.

Today I met Brad Keyes and Mark at the equestrian center for another Corner Canyon ride. Brad blogged that he rode the Jacob's Ladder trail yesterday and was ready to ride with only a little mud and one patch of snow. I've heard this is a good trail and expressed interest and Brad offered to show us the way. We took Corner Canyon then a short section of BST to the dirt road which we took to the top. From here Brad led us up the old double tracks to the east which connect into the Jacob's Ladder trail. It was dry with a few spots of mud and good bit of mud puddle dodging. The view from the top of the ride was pretty nice.

The view south into Utah Valley.

The view west out Traverse Ridge.

The view west down the trail.

Brad and Mark ready for the downhill.

After crossing one snow patch, it was all dry dirt down. It's a bit chewy in places, but overall a good downhill romp. Brad had a puncture that, strangely, the Stans wasn't sealing so we kept rolling. Back at the dirt road Brad was working the tire some more and who should ride down? Tasha (Brad's wife). Another rider (Jason?) was coming up. It seems the word is out that Corner Canyon is the place to ride. Brad gave the leaky tire a blast of CO2 and we headed down Ghost Falls - yet another fun romp (I've done this trail a few times). Near the bottom of Corner Canyon Brad's tire went dead flat so he told us to ride while he walked it down.

I need to pause to comment about Brad's riding. He's so smooth on the bike. He was rolling his single speed dork bike like butter. I've been mountain biking for more than 15 years and compared to Brad I ride like a hack - like I'm just grunting and bumbling my way along - sure, I get the job done, but not with finesse. It's like the bike is an extension of his body that responds as naturally as would an arm or leg. Impressive to observe.

Mark and I took the newish trail on the west sidehill for some bonus fun. And we goofed off taking a few runs down the rock stairs.

As we loaded up the bikes another rider rolled in - it was Rick Sunderlage, also drawn to Corner Canyon today. It was nice to meet Rick as we'd been talking about hooking up for a ride for a while.

Too soon it will get hot and Corner Canyon will be a scorcher, but for now it's some of the best local single-track to be had. Big thanks to Brad to the show and tell.

P.S. The next morning Jacob's Ladder had snow on it. That's been par for the course with this crazy Spring.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props but it wasn't me it was the dork bike. I'll loan it to you some weekend and you can see for yourself. It will transform the way you ride.

Mocougfan said...

I moved away from Provo about 12 years ago. Joined the Air Force and now live in flat Missouri. I love the pics and teh description. I loved riding when I went to the Y. Chris and I rode all the time. Beautiful trails all over Utah.

I'm Jealous.


KanyonKris said...

Brad - I appreciate your modesty, but your smoothness on the bike is obvious. I have no doubt you could flow on any bike. But it would be fun to try your dork bike, or any SS for that fact, to see what it's like.

Mcougfan - I'm pretty keenly aware of how good I have it here, but thanks for the reminder. I've had job offers from other states for more money, but at this stage of life I'm into quality of life and cycling here is a big part of that.