Rock Climbing The Green Valley Gap

Last Monday we went rock climbing with the Jones over in the Green Valley Gap. The Gap is just east of the start of the Bearclaw Poppy trail. I had no idea there was some good rock climbing in there, now I do.

Here's Jamie working a roof.

Rachel doing some face climbing.

Kara watching her footwork.

Kade gets a grip.

Jolene pulling the roof.

And me going over the roof.

At the end I belayed Jeff Jones as he worked a tough 5.10c that was way tricker than it appeared. Jeff's done a lot of climbing the last few years and it shows - his technique is solid and he has the strength to do hard moves.

After climbing we stopped by Pioneer Park (on the bluff above St. George to the north - map) to squeeze through The Crack and scramble around on the rocks. The Crack is a narrow, vertical, nearly straight crack 50 feet or so long that starts in a small grotto and ends at the top of the rock. The kids navigate it pretty easy, but it's tight for adults. In one spot I have to exhale and squeeze to get through.

There's also a small arch up top that seems to attract a family photo.

It's a fun place to take the kids. You can roam around the rocks for a few hours. I've seen a few mountain bikers roll through the trails even.

We went back to the Jones' hotel and swam in the pool to cool off then packed up and headed home. The end of our Spring Break vacation.


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