Song Intros - Part 1

I had this idea. If I collected the intros of all the songs I like and put them together in sequence, what would it sound like? I was so intrigued I went ahead and did it. It was a fun experiment. Here is part 1 with artists B through R at just over 5 minutes in a 6 meg MP3:

Song Intros part 1

Lots of the songs are favorites of mine, some were just for fun. If someone can identify all the songs I'll be very impressed (one song is an old track from an amateur band I grabbed from years ago so it won't count). The artists are generally in alphabetical order, so that should help. I'll post the name of the winner here for all to see and admire.


I am Matt said...

Some one has too much time on their hand to do this. Was pretty cool though. I started to name them but got lost on the fact that I recognised most all of them and associated them to certain moments in my life. Good times. Memories.

Anonymous said...

That's cool. But if you load those sounds up onto your blog and I get bombarded with unexpected noise I may have to stop reading you.

Seriously, though. Other than pictures of one's minor injuries, there are few things more annoying about certain blogs than the music you are tricked into listening to when you open a page. Even worse than long, drawn out flash intros.

KanyonKris said...

matt - It took 2 late nights.

JE - hehe, good jabs! I will never have music on my blog that starts playing automatically.

Rio's Rider said...

It would take me FOREVER to name all those songs. Good ones though...takes me right back in time.

I think I recognize all of them with the exception of the last one...does that count for anything?

Oh, no! I just realized that I'm going to have to name them all--it's just too tempting. I really don't have time for this! Thanks a lot! I'll let you know when I'm done.

KanyonKris said...

rio - sorry i put this trap out and you got caught in it. I look forward to seeing how many songs you identified.

Rio's Rider said...

Getting there. So far I have 27. This is harder than I thought it would be.

It has made work pass really quickly today.

Rio's Rider said...

Ok...I still have a few blanks, but I have to be up early and can't work on this anymore, so I'm submitting it as is.

More Than a Feeling - Boston
You Spin Me Round - Dead or Alive
Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
World in My Eyes - Depeche Mode
Whip It - Devo
Rio - Duran Duran
? - (Duran Duran?)
Hotel California - Eagles
Life in the Fast Lane - Eagles
Red Skies - The Fixx
Cold as Ice - Foreigner
Hotblooded - Foreigner
Twilight Zone - Golden Earring
White Lines - Grandmaster Flash
Jeopardy - Greg Kiln
Pop Music - Marcus
Who Can it Be Now - Men at Work
Walking in LA - Missing Persons
Suddenly, Last Summer - The Motels
Always Something There to Remind Me - Naked Eyes
Blue Monday - New Order
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Just Another Day - Oingo Boingo
Only a Lad - Oingo Boingo
Shock the Monkey - Peter Gabriel
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Money - Pink Floyd
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Every Breath You Take - Police
King of Pain - Police
We Are the Champions - Queen
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker, Jr
Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer
What I Like About You - Romantics

Rio's Rider said...'s not Phil Collin's In the Air Tonight. Is is Phil Collin's though.
Aaaa!!! What IS that?

KanyonKris said...

Rio - Impressive!


There are 42 songs.

After Whip it is another Devo song.

#11 is the freebie: Division - Eloquent.

Between Men At Work and Missing Persons is only one song, not two. A metal band.

The song after Jeopardy is an 80s new wave song that questions a boy's sexual preference. Female lead singer is also the name of the band. Pretty obscure.

The 2nd to last song is also an obscure 80s new wave (bordering punk) song. Also a female lead singer. Band name is two words, one being a Shakespeare character.

The last song is by a local folk / country band who signed a record deal a few years ago. They have another song about making it big playing the banjo. Pretty obscure.

Fatty said...

i propose a new rule that anytime anyone says, "you've got too much time on your hands," as a dismissive judgement of another's creativity, the person who said must also provide a detailed list of everything s/he has done in the past seven days, so as to give a fair basis of comparison where this high-handed judgment of how time should and shouldn't be used came from.

as for myself, i thought this compilation of intros was pretty darned cool and quite probably an excellent use of your time.

KanyonKris said...

Here are the 42 song intros from part 1:

1. Boston - More Than a Feeling
2. Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round
3. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
4. Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes
5. Devo - Whip It
6. Devo - That's Good
7. Duran Duran - Rio
8. Duran Duran - I Don't Want Your Love
9. Eagles - Hotel California
10. Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane
11. Eloquent - Division
12. The Fixx - Red Skies
13. Foreigner - Cold As Ice
14. Foreigner - Hot Blooded
15. Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
16. Grand Master Flash - White Lines
17. Greg Kihn Band - Jeopardy
18. Josie Cotton - Johnny Are You Queer?
19. M - Pop Muzik
20. Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now
21. Metallica - The Unforgiven II
22. Missing Persons - Walking In L.A.
23. The Motels - Suddenly Last Summer
24. Naked Eyes - Always Something To Remind Me
25. New Order - Blue Monday
26. Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party
27. Oingo Boingo - Just Another Day
28. Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad
29. Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey
30. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
31. Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
32. Pink Floyd - Money
33. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
34. The Police - Every Breath You Take
35. The Police - King Of Pain
36. Queen - We Will Rock You
37. Queen - Another One Bites The Dust
38. Ray Parker Jr. - Ghost Busters
39. Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love
40. The Romantics - What I Like About You
41. Romeo Void - Never Say Never
42. Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband - It's Clear

chris&kristin said...

question. how did you do that?

KanyonKris said...

I used Windows Media Player (WMP) to listen to my collection of songs and select the ones with the best intros. I used Audacity (a free, open source audio editor) for recording and editing. When I'd find a song I liked, I'd start Audacity recording and then click play on WMP. Then I'd select just the intro part I wanted and copy it then paste it to the end of the growing compilation track. When finished I saved it out as MP3.

There are a few technical details. My motherboard and drivers allow me to use the stereo mix from the sound processor as an input so I get a clean digital version in Audacity. If your computer doesn't support this, you can simple connect a cable from your headphone out jack to your line (or mic) in.

Part 2 is coming soon.