The Whole U of U BST

Jolene and I met Mark and Warren for a blitz of the BST near the University of Utah. The plan was to ride from Hogle Zoo all the way to City Creek then go back up to the BST (via Terrace Hills Drive) and take the Bobseld down then connect back into the BST to take it back to the zoo.

The ride along the foothills was nice. Somehow I got in the lead going up Dry Canyon so I kept it rolling and, as I like to do, I made it to the top without stopping. We all made it up The Wall. I have not been down the trail into City Creek and was glad to have Mark show me the way. I really liked going down this section of trail. I made the two switchbacks. We took 11th Avenue to Terrace Hills Drive then began the climb back to the BST.

I had drastically misrepresented the length and steepness of this climb to Jolene and she wasn't too happy about that, but she made it up. We rode the short distance south on the BST to the new entrance to the Bobsled. It was in pretty good shape except for a 75-100 yard section of snow-melt water running down the bottom providing some mud. There were a few new stunts. I thought about going off a new, taller ladder drop, but chickened out.

But I did do the shorter ladder drop down lower.

After the Bobsled we connected back to the BST at the mouth of Dry Canyon via the route past Popperton Park. The climbing here showed me how tired I was. My stomach had been feeling queasy since yesterday so I hadn't been eating much and I was feeling like I was running out of gas. This was also the longest strenuous ride Jolene had been on. But we plugged along and made it back to the zoo, albeit at a pretty slow pace.

My computer said 21 miles (but that may be low), and Mark said we did 3400' of climbing. I know there are more spurs and trails in the area, but I'd consider this a pretty complete ride of the major trails. Thanks Mark and Warren for a great ride.

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UtRider said...

I'm beat too. Why am I up? Good question!