'Twas The Day Before RAWROD

RAWROD (Ride Around White Rim in One Day) is tomorrow and I'm home from work packing up the van. Mark Albrecht will be arriving at my house soon and we'll be on our way.

Elden asked me if I was excited. I answered "mostly". I'm always a little anxious about trips - not forgetting something, the weather, the driving, the riding, will I be a dork - but mostly I'm looking forward to doing this ride again (my first time was last October) and enjoying the company of fellow mountain bikers. For me, it is a rare exception to meet a mountain biker I don't like. Perhaps the qualities of mountain biking draw people with similar traits so we get along (birds of a feather). Whatever the case, nearly every encounter I've had with a fellow mountain biker has been positive.

Roadies are pretty good too, but I have come across a few stuck up road cyclists that are too serious (for my style). But the odds are still very good that I'll get along with my fellow roadies.

So while I enjoy cycling enough that I'd still do it solo, it pleases me that cyclists are predominantly good people that I enjoy riding with and just being around.

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I am Matt said...

have fun, be safe and take lots of pictures. i sound like mom. wish i was going.