Beard Style

Since I had over a weeks worth of facial hair growth, I decided to try a few beard styles.

Full beard.

Shaved neck.

Mutton chops with a goatee and mustache.

Goatee and mustache.

Then I, mercifully, pulled the plug on this hideous experiment and shaved it all off.

But out of morbid curiosity, do any of these beard styles work for me? Comment away.

Rant: Daylight Saving Time - I still greatly dislike the out-dated practice of changing clocks for Daylight Saving Time. It may have been a fun experiment for the exuberant social engineers of the 18th century, but it has little usefulness in modern life. It seems that for every study that claims some benefit (energy savings, safety, etc.), another makes a counter-claim that negates or discounts it. Keep the two dates if you wish, but leave the clocks alone and just go to work an hour earlier or later, depending on the season. Businesses, governments, schools, etc. already manage their work hours based on demand and other factors making unified time changes irrelevant. In my opinion, changing clocks is the worst way to handle this problem, if you can even say a problem exists in the first place. And one study noted that auto-pedestrian accidents increase when the time changes occur, so be extra careful out there bike commuters.

Factoid: China has no daylight saving program and only one time zone, Beijing Time (thanks to the communists). Some areas (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) still maintain their own local time zones, but the official time is Beijing.


Rhonda said...

mutton chops and goatee and the full beard with the shaved neck are both a good look for you! hope your stone has passed.

UtRider said...

The best for you would be a handlebar mustache and mutton chops. Either that or a traditional mustache. Be sure to give one of those a go next time.

KanyonKris said...

Handlebar mustache? Do you know how long it takes to grow those? I don't think I have the patience.

Anonymous said...

Pornstache is the way to go ... or so I've been told.

I can't grow a decent beard so I've never gotten as advanced as you did in your grooming.

KanyonKris said...

Uh, no pornstache.

If you think I can grow a decent beard, you didn't look closely. I've got thick and thin spots, black, brown and grey hair. My beard looks like a calico cat that got caught in a fan. Shaving it all off wasn't a tough decision.

JoshuaMcC said...

All the closeup photos brought me to a puzzling conclusion.....You look like Jeff Hornacek.(Sans Beard)

KanyonKris said...

I'll take that as a compliment!