AF Canyon One Last Time

Today was a gift. Mountain biking American Fork Canyon in just a short-sleeve jersey and shorts on November 1st? Improbably, but there it was.

We parked at Pine Hollow and pedaled up the road to start at Timpooneke, then up (upper) Pine Hollow, along the Ridge and down Mud Springs and out Mill Canyon. Just very nice riding.

Jolene climbing Timpooneke.

The top of Pine (Puke) Hollow. We both made it, but it was a bit slippery in places.

Top of Mud Springs. I made it up without stopping (a first for me).

Moto damage - this was a mild example, there were worse spots.

Bottom of Mill Canyon.

Crossing Tibble Fork. We didn't make it across the bigger flow behind me and both got wet feet.

From Tibble Fork Reservoir we biked down the road and cranked back up the Alpine Loop to our car.


KC said...

I went up there this morning with Dale, and just as we were getting ready to go up the trail we ran in to 4 riders (2 different groups) telling us how bad the trails were and that they were slicked out from the motorcycles. Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have believed them. I wanted to ride there soooo bad.

KanyonKris said...

Maybe the trails had dried out by the time we started around 2 pm. There were only a few places where our tires picked up mud, mostly it was just moist. The motos had dug up Mud Springs pretty bad, but it was still OK to ride. TallSteve said Deer Creek South Fork was pretty muddy.