Good Utah Biking Videos By Piton Productions

A while I go I watched some mountain biking videos produced by Piton Productions. They're a local company that has done work for Black Diamond,, Solitude, etc. The footage was high quality and featured several unique aerial shots taken from a small, remote control helicopter.

Well they've been busy making more portfolio videos. Check out this one titled "Utah Riding" - a good compilation video (use the links for larger / higher resolution):

Utah Riding

This video features some riders jumping at I Street and also shows how the magic is done with the helicopter.

Some folks riding stunts (I hear this is on private property, possibly up Little Cottonwood).

Family Day at the Park

And even some fantastic footage of road biking in Kamas (no obfuscating K-town slang on this blog).

Skinny Love

Here are some views of Fisher Towers, where my friend Jeff was climbing last week.

Fisher Towers

For more Piton Productions videos see their website or their collection on Vimeo.

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