November Foothills

Jolene and I went for a short ride up in the Orem foothills this afternoon. Sunny and in the 50s.

The trails had dried out a lot, but there was still some mud. We went up the water tank dirt road, then up Betty and down most of Roller Coaster to the overlook. There we spotted a faint trail going back up the ridge and took it up to where it brushes past Crank. I believe this trail is called Blackbird. Can you believe I have never done this trail before? It was nice. At Crank we turned around and went down the way we came up - good downhill too. But instead of going over to Roller Coaster we took the fork to Ireland and rode it down to the water tank road. Then we took another trail down to Bramber Road by the golf course instead of going down the water tank road.

Another stolen mountain biking day so late in the year.

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