Good Dirt Saturday

Another excellent Spring day for cycling. After watching Jamie at the track meet, Jolene and I rode up into the foothills near our house for some trail time.

We went up the Water Tank dirt road and met Emily as we were about to head up Betty. Emily races Expert Women and she rode with us up to the Altar. I felt good on the climb - seems like last ride wasn't just a fluke.

Emily bombed down Frank while Jolene and I took it easy.

Back on the Water Tank road we went west and back up Betty then down Roller Coaster to the overlook where we turned right and went up the ridge to connect into Blackbird. We climbed up Blackbird - I made all the climbs except the last, really steep one.

At the junction with Crank we went down Ireland. We explored a side trail then enjoyed the remaining downhill and returned home. The photos below are Ireland.

Lots of people out on the trails. We missed Kendra and Steve, and the Mad Dog gang - but we did see many of the Racer's guys touring the area.

Until the mountain snow melts this is the place to ride, especially for Provo / Orem locals. I like this trail network better than Lambert Park (Lambert is good but smaller) and it's a tie with Draper.

And now here comes a rain / snow storm for the week plunging us back down into the 40s. I'm glad I got a bunch of riding in while the weather was warm. The sun and warm will be back, perhaps not soon enough for me.


KC said...

I saw the Racer's guys when I was finishing at the bottom of Dragons Back, so I must have just missed you and Jolene. Do you have a map for Ireland, I would love to try that trail.

UtRider said...

My skis are in the car ready for action tomorrow morning!

Aaron said...

Good to hear that Crank is (was) dry. I headed up today and I think I was the last person on the trail before the rain started. Didn't try Crank though.

KanyonKris said...

KC - I guess we just missed you. Here's some trail info -

UtRider - I hope the snow is good for you.

Aaron - Lower Crank still has a lot of snow. We came up to Crank from the ridge, which is dry being south-facing. After this storm it shouldn't take long for all of Crank to be clear.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

What a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

The pictures of the trail look nice. Looks like something I could do with my wife.
can you recommend a good resource /book/ website for the trails in your area? Just like to know what trails are out here, how long, how difficult etc.

KanyonKris said...

The best resource for the whole State is

For the trails near my house, Adam and I have put together a website for them -