Jazz Game With The Kids

A thoughtful friend (thanks man!) gave me 4 tickets to tonight's Jazz game. (If you want to see an overloaded website that visually assaults you, try the Jazz website.) We took the two youngest since Andrei Kirilenko visited their school two weeks ago and they were interested to see him, and the rest of the Jazz, play.

Kade was overloaded at first and wasn't too happy about the noise. But after the team intro and tip-off, the noise level dropped and he got into the game - well, as into it as a 6 year old boy can.

Kara liked the sights and sounds. I explained all the numbers on the scoreboard to her. A nice fatherly moment.

They both liked playing "where's the Jazz Bear?" and watching the various time-out and half-time entertainments.

It was clear the Jazz would beat the Wizards (or is that Willards? sorry, couldn't resist the Seinfeld joke.) by the 3rd quarter and we considered leaving early to get the kids home and in bed since they have school tomorrow. But we stayed til the end.

A fun evening out with the young'uns.

Lunch Ride

I went out for another ride today. It went better than yesterday and I felt a bit of form come back. Still slower than last year, but I felt better on the bike.

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