A Good Mountain Ride

I had a good ride up in the Orem foothills tonight.

A really good ride.

I always enjoy riding these trails in my "back yard". But what made this ride really good was my form was back. I'm still slower than last year, but I was climbing pretty good and rolling on the bike. Unlike the last few MTB and road rides where I've felt thrashed and clunky.

So to feel good on the bike tonight made me happy and reminded me why I love cycling.

I started from my house after work and rode up the water tank road, then up Betty to the Altar. Good conditions, just as Karl and some informants from UMB said. Still a few patches of snow, but the trail is clear.

I tried to go west on Lament, but only went 30 yards.

So I went down Frank (east from the Altar). It was in pretty good shape. Rocky, like always, maybe a bit more due to the Spring thaw.

Back on the water tank road I went west and dropped down to the Race Track and did a lap then climbed back up to the road.

Went up Betty again. Met Chris Holley and had a quick chat (daylight was fading) then rode Roller Coaster back to the water tank road and home. These pictures are from the top of Roller Coaster.

All the trails are in good shape. Betty is actually getting dusty in a few places - crazy. The water tank road is hammered from horses, very bumpy. But the trails are OK.

Lots of riders out tonight, mostly on the Race Track. Seems some clubs were there - saw a few Timp Cyclery jerseys and I think team Mad Dog had at least an informal get-together.

The ski guys may not be happy, but I'm loving this Spring weather. Yay!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Happy Spring! Glad you guys are getting some nice weather!

Blackdog said...

Looks like a cool ride. Where is this? Does it connect to corner canyon?

KanyonKris said...

These are trails are near the mouth of Provo Canyon on the foothills of Mount Timpanogos.

They do not connect to the Corner Canyon trails - they are about 20 miles away.

Blackdog said...

Thanks. I work in American Fork so this may be a good after work ride for me.