2009 Cycling Plans

2009 is already 2.5 months old and I'm finally getting around to writing down my cycling plans for the year. The warmer weather has me thinking cycling.

But first, a review of last year:

  • #1 Have fun riding - YES! (2008 was a good year for cycling)

  • Get Mark to Moab - NO (He promises we'll go this Spring)

  • Ride Fruita - DONE (Good trip - thanks Andy and Rhonda!)

  • Build a pair of wheels - half done (I have the other wheel built now - just needs to be trued)

  • Complete STP - DONE (Good trip with friends, now that I've done 200 miles I don't plan to do it again, bo-ring.)

  • Go tubeless - DONE & DONE (I'll be making the 29er tubeless when the rim strips are available.)

  • RAWROD (White Rim) - DONE (Good trip - thanks Kenny and all who made it happen!)

  • Do a road race - DONE (Sanpete was good, I plan to do it again this year.)

  • Do a criterium - DONE, OUCH (No more crits for me, crashing on pavement is not my idea of fun.)

  • Do a Time Trial - DONE (TTs are the real pain cave.)

  • Do a 10 or 12 hour MTB race - NO (After reading reports, I don't think these long lap races are my style.)

OK, now to 2009. I'm feeling mellow about cycling so far this year. Maybe I'll catch the fire once it warms up and I get out riding more frequently. But I have a feeling I'm going to be doing less cycling and more with the family and other outdoor stuff like hiking, camping, canyoneering, climbing. So this year I have few real goals, just some plans of things I'd like to do.

  • Little Creek - I've been wanting to ride it for years; 2009 has to be it.

  • Park City - I wanted to ride more new (to me) trails in Park City last year. I'll redouble my efforts this year.

  • RAWROD - If Kenny will have me, I'd love to ride this again. It's a long day in the saddle, but the scenery and company are well worth it.

  • Moab with Mark - This is the year I get to introduce Mark to Moab. Like kids in a candy store, this will be fun.

  • Ride with Alex - Probably a mountain bike ride. I've got to meet this guy; the great mountain biker botanist.

  • Some Road Riding - I'm sure I'll do some road riding, but I'm just not feeling it yet. I doubt I'll race much, I don't think I'll be anywhere near fast this year so why race? If I'm in OK form I'll do Sanpete again this year.

  • Complete a full Triathlon - I've tried two triathlons: one was canceled, the other was shortened because of weather. I'm not that enamored with triathlons so maybe I should bail on them, but I stubbornly just want to complete a full one of these things! I'm already registered for the Salem Triathlon. This is it. If this one doesn't work out I will give up on triathlons.

Modest plans, but I'm feeling like just going where my interests take me this year. Am I missing anything?

First 2009 Lunch Road Ride

Windy, but it was warm and sunny - I had to ride. Sadly, yet another confirmation of my lost fitness. "That hill didn't hurt that bad last year."

Todd was going the other way on Mike Weir Boulevard and stopped to chat. He's looking forward to road racing this year as a new Cat 3.

Coming home my car thermometer said this:

Which meant this:


MOCougFan said...

I'll see you at RAWROD. Although only for a few minutes I'm sure. Your much faster than I. Have a good year.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

26" rim strips work just fine in 29" wheels.

KanyonKris said...

MOCougFan - It will be good to see you at RAWROD. As for who's faster, with my lost fitness I'm making no claims.

SBJ - I should have been more specific: I'm waiting for the plastic rim strips made by Bontrager specifically for the Rhythm wheels. Racer has it on order (back ordered). I could go with Stans or other rims trips, but the Bontrager strips are a nice system so I'm holding out.

Anonymous said...

Do you drive a Vibe?

Less cycling will make you sad. :-(


Watcher said...

Hey, count me in! For goal #5 of course, but also happy to help w/goal #2, as I ride PC/Pinebrook/Jeremy all summer long.