Double Play Saturday

This morning I went skiing at Sundance with Mark. The snow was good, no lift lines or crowds anywhere, the weather nice and the price was right. (Through the end of the season Facebook friends of Sundance ski for $20 any day.)

I tried to ski some chop, but didn't so so well - I did get a bit better by the end of the day.

I had a nice crossed-tips crash that twisted my ankle before the binding released - it was OK to ski on, but after I got the boots off it kinda hurt. When I got home I popped some ibuprofen.

Mark about to drop into Grizzly Bowl.

We skied until about 1 pm then had some Thai food in Orem for lunch.

The foothills looked dry so Jolene and I headed out for a bike ride. We rode the BST from above the Orem Cemetery north past Dry Canyon and turned around before it drops down toward Battle Creek Canyon.

No mud and only a few squishy spots. Thankfully my ankle felt OK on the bike.

Jolene cranking up the BST.

I like double play days.


Anonymous said...

so that explains mark's appearance on FB

KanyonKris said...

Yes it does.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Double play days are the very best!