Bike, Bike, Rock

Road Ride
Saturday I joined the Utah Velo Club for a ride up Hobble Creek Canyon and back. I met them at the mouth of Provo Canyon and the riding down to Springville was a good pace but not hard to stay in the pack.

Heading up Hobble Creek the climbers let loose and I dropped off the lead pack quickly. I tried to catch some other shelled riders but couldn't do it and rode to the end of the pavement solo. At least no one else caught me.

The ride down was fast with some attacks once out of the canyon.

The group was going back to American Fork via Geneva Road, but I went back to east Orem with Adam and Brent on University Avenue. I thought I might be solo so it was nice to have them to ride with.

Mountain Bike Ride
After noon Jolene and I went for a short mountain bike ride up Big Springs Hollow - that's where she wanted to go for Mother's Day. It was a nice ride - the trail was in good shape (except one short muddy section). It was very green with grass lush and the trees leafing out.

Eagles Concert
In the evening we went to the Eagles concert at Rio Tinto Stadium (where Real Salt Lake plays soccer). This was on a whim - my brother called on Friday with the idea. The tickets had been discounted (still on the expensive side) so we went for it - my wife, Dad, brother and myself.

As we walked in it was interesting to observe the people. The average age was in the 40s, I'd guess. Most were dressed up a bit. I did see more than a few middle-aged women stuffed into too-tight jeans and obviously trying to look good (and younger).

Michelle Branch opened - just her and her producer on acoustic guitars. She has a good voice and the songs were OK.

The Eagles took the stage and played a few songs from their new Long Road Out Of Eden album. First impression: they looked old - I mean grandpa old. After the few new songs they dove into the older, well-known songs (Eagles and some solo songs, mostly Joe Walsh). Crowd favorites were Hotel California (with a stellar trumpet intro), Life's Been Good To Me So Far, Long Run, Lyin' Eyes, Boys of Summer. Their voices cracked a few times, but over all they played well.

Jolene and I like the Eagles. Back when we were dating we'd sing Eagles songs together, so it's kind of "our" music. This made the concert meaningful and more enjoyable.

The Desert News has a review of the concert if you want more info.

Update: The Daily Herald has a better review with a set list.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Sounds like a great day!

JoshuaMcC said...

I must say that I agree with Dude from Big Lebowski in my estimation of the Eagles.
But I am inspired to ride Big Spring this week.
Thank you for that.