Weather's Good, No Time To Blog

The weather has finally been nice for a few days so I've been outside instead of inside blogging. Oh, and work has been busy. And it's the last crazy days of school. Yada, yada.

I had a tongue taco for Cinco de Mayo. It was delicious.

I've been on the road bike twice this week, after months of neglect. Felt good.

Tuesday was a ride up Squaw Peak and South Fork with the Utah Velo Club. Just 6 riders started out, we picked up two more along the way. Mike set a strong pace up Squaw Peak and I felt like it pushed me to the ragged edge. My legs felt tight and I was panting like a big dog. But I hung on. Half way up I started feeling better. It's such a relief when that happens because what happens more often is feeling worse and dropping off the back. I felt good enough that in the last 1/4 mile when the grade pitched up a bit and Mike slowed a bit I eased around him and finished solo. Not trying to show off, I just felt I could go a little faster and I wanted to see if I could. The climb took 37 minutes.

I didn't do as well up South Fork. The rollers chewed me up. When Mike and Drew would accelerate over the top of a roller I'd eek it out. I kept dropping off but kept the gap kinda small. But it's such a good climb I couldn't help enjoy it anyway.

Today I climbed Suncrest for the first time this year. I pushed the pace in an attempt to time trial it. Mark A. setup a Suncrest TT website a while back. I did OK. Made it from the Chevron to the stop sign at the top in 25:51. After a little rest I did the last climb, looped through the houses then took it easy on the downhill. Lots of gusty crosswinds throwing me around. I didn't even break 40 mph. But such a nice day, I didn't care.

Addendum: I also had Five Guys burgers and went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game with Mark. It was my first time attending a major league soccer match and I enjoyed it (would have been better if Real would have played better - the game ended in a 2-2 tie which Real should have been able to win).

We had the "rabid fan" club in the upper level above us banging drums, chanting, throwing streamers and confetti and lighting smoke bombs the whole game - added to the ambiance. We were also treated to a rather crude chant about the referee 5-6 times from some dudes behind us - it was kind of funny that they liked this chant so much or didn't know any others. Soccer fans are a bit wilder.

The stadium is nice and the evening weather perfect for watching a game.

Looks like I'm headed back there Saturday for the Eagles concert.


UtRider said...

I can't believe you didn't mention your first Five Guys hamburger. That was certainly more meaningful than a couple of bike rides!

KanyonKris said...

A hamburger, meaningful?

But, yes, I should have mentioned the meal and game, and I have via an addendum.