Graduations Big And Small

Today was graduation for two of our children - the oldest and the youngest.

Kade "graduated" from Kindergarten. Yes, it's meaningless, but it was fun to see him sing a few songs with his fellow kindergarteners. Here's Kade with his teacher, who is retiring this year.

The main event was our oldest, Jamie, graduating from high school. It still feels weird that we're old enough to have a high school graduate.

The commencement exercises were held in the Marriott Center at BYU. Over 400 students from Timpanogos High School graduated.

Jamie sat on the stand - there she is:

She has loved choir and got to sing the national anthem with an octet (she's 2nd from the right in this shot off the jumbotron):

Afterward she wandered around congratulating friends and getting photos.

Here's us and the next generation.

She's smart (I wasn't going to say gifted), a hard-worker, loving and happy. I could go on, but I've gushed enough about her already. She'll most likely go to UVU in the Fall and is seriously considering becoming an ultrasound technician.


UtRider said...

Congratulations to Jamie. Graduating with honors is hard work!

PS - You must be really old to have a daughter that's a high school graduate. :)

PPS - Jolene looks like she could be Jamie's sister!

Watcher said...

Congratulations. Jamie sounds like a great kid. I read this post and thought about how we’re the same age, and thought about how your oldest is 8 years older than mine, and I got all jealous thinking of you and Jolene enjoying early retirement in St. George or someplace while we were still slaving away paying tuition… But then I remembered Kade is 2 years younger than our youngest, and I felt a little better!

On a serious note, following up on UtRider’s comment, it’s always interesting to see photos of young adults with both parents- you always think “Hey, she looks like *both* of them…”

KanyonKris said...

UtRider - thanks for the comments, I think.

Watcher - Yes, our long spacing between children is a tactical error we're going to pay for.

It's weird, I don't see much resemblance of Jolene or I in Jamie, but that's probably just a familiarity effect. Thankfully she didn't get my ears.