Cycling Holiday

Yesterday morning (Memorial Day) I mountain biked the Bonneville Shoreline trail (BST) with some neighbors. It was a beautiful morning and the trail was damp and tacky with only a few puddles from the nearly non-stop rain from the night before. This wet Spring is keeping the foothills lush and green.

(Note: these 3 photos taken with the new digital camera.)

Afterward I changed shorts, got on my road bike, and rode from my home in Orem up over Suncrest and down to the venue for the Draper ICup race. My legs were far from fresh, but I timed myself anyway for a south Suncrest TT. My hamstrings were twinging with cramps so I didn't dare push hard, but still had a better-than-expected time of 25:02. Having 3 "carrots" (other riders up ahead of me) to pass helped.

When I arrived at the equestrian center (start/finish of the race) Jolene had already finished. The start had been delayed an hour, then delayed more as they rerouted the course to avoid the upper, muddy trails. She started around 11 am and had a pretty good race. She took 6th.

The stream was running pretty high.

We hung out and talked to people. It was sunny and not too hot, and a good vibe with everyone enjoying the day.

I met Andy H. to look at Rhonda's old road bike for Jolene. At first it seemed a bit too small, but Ryan K. (works at Revolution) watched Jolene ride it and said the fit is pretty close. So we bought it. When I got home I swapped in the original, slightly longer stem, raised and slid back the seat, and it fits her pretty good now. It still feels weird to her, but road bikes take time to get used to, especially coming from a mountain bike. I'm looking forward to some road rides together with Jolene. Thanks to Andy for working with us to see and test ride the bike.

2005 Schwinn FastBack Pro - Full Ultegra, Aluminum frame with carbon seat & chain stays, Rolf Patent wheels (full specs here).


Watcher said...

Tell Jolene great job. She is a mtn-biking animal!

KanyonKris said...

What, no comment on my flower photo? I'm crushed.

frank said...

nice pictures. I would like to post a small blurb about your weekend and provide a link on my new site I just posted this weekend at