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Work has been busy, but I got out for some rides, between storms.

Friday was a good one. Mark and I rode the Suncrest loop the wrong way. Started at the equestrian center then up Corner Canyon to the bottom of Clarks, but went west on the BST. Went up the unfinished Oak Hollow trail (orangecicle sighting) - pushing through the roughed in section then up the DH trail wasn't the brightest idea (my bad, Mark). Then took Eagle Crest along the south side of Suncrest, crossed Suncrest Drive, then made our way to Clarks. Going down Clarks wasn't the best choice, lots of people still coming up even after 7 pm. But it was all down hill so hard to complain. Next time I'm going clockwise and taking the DH trail.

Saturday morning Jolene went off to race Soldier Hollow, while I stayed home with the kids. In the evening I headed out for a short ride on the BST. Firing Range to Dry Canyon was OK, not much trail damage and dry, except for a few spots. But north of Dry Canyon got bad after the climb. There was a big trail run in the morning when the trails were muddy. I've never seen the trails so chewed up, except a few times from horses. That trail sections is going to be rough for quite a while.

Watched some Giro. These long stage races are crazy. Italy is gorgeous and bike friendly - I'd love to spend a week or two riding there.

Finally put the Prophet up for sale (and some shoes). That bike has carried me on many rides - a bit sad to see it go. Still rides good. I wouldn't be selling it had I not tasted the 29er Kool-Aid.

Oh, and LOST is over. The first season was excellent, season 2 was still pretty good, but 3 & 4 were too fractured and I LOST interest, 5 got better and had some good episodes, but 6 tried too hard and explaining the mysteries kind of ruined it. The finale episode did some good wrapping up with the characters, but the resolution had lots of holes. LOST was an interesting phenomenon. I'm glad it's over.

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Joshua said...

I am of the opinion that the entire Lost story could have been told in three seasons, possibly two, and been more enjoyable.
Enjoy the Kool-Aid. Baaaaah.