The Cast

Uh, yeah, blog posts have slowed down. This care-giver stuff takes time.

The kids were out of school so we went to Lagoon Thursday. Rachel didn't feel good so she stayed in the car until noon when she felt better and joined us in the park.

Kade loves bumper cars and Flying Aces - must have done each more than 6 times.

Having fun on the rides. It was a beautiful day.

The park was deck out Halloween style. This dance number was fun to watch. Before the show the wolfman sneaked up behind Jamie and growled in her ear - yeah, she was startled.

Friday was Jolene's appointment with the doctor. When they took off the splint Jolene didn't like the look of her leg, all swollen and lumpy with incisions closed with staples. (The squeamish may not want to look at these photos.)

She got a pretty blue cast. It fits snugly and supports her leg better. It feels OK propped up, but hurts when it hangs down, like when she is up on crutches.

We've figured out and settled into a routine now so most days go fairly smooth. The kids and I are getting better at meals, shopping, laundry, school, etc. Sure makes us appreciate all Jolene does for us.

I had another nasty cold last week but felt good enough to go for a ride Saturday. Wow, I had no zip. Hopefully that blew out the crud so my next ride will be better.


Spandex King said...

That's gonna leave a mark!

Rick Sunderlage said...

Hang in there will soon pass and you'll be riding again. Amazing how quickly you can bounce back if you are in good shape (like Jolene is)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick-I'm trying to stay optimistic.

UtRider said...

Too bad she couldn't have rocked those stiches for Halloween before they were covered up by the cast. Pretty intense!

KristenT said...

My dog had staples after his knee surgery on Oct 11.

He took out 3 on the 18th, then 4 more on the 19th after we got the vet to staple-gun about 6 extra on the 18th.

Sigh. They just take those out with a staple puller, you know. Could save some dough and do it yourself, you know, if she'll let you.

Hope Jolene feels better soon!!