On The Mend

Jolene left the hospital Saturday. She is comfortable and happy to be home. She has much less pain and is managing OK with pain pills.

She will see the doctor this week or next to have the splint removed and some sort of cast put on.

She's doing OK, but gets down when she thinks about being disabled for 8 weeks. I had to cancel our up-coming family trip to St. George / Grand Canyon, that was sad. I'm just glad her injury wasn't worse.

This photo was taken in the emergency room and is the best (worst) one I have of the break. Not startling, but there is something eerily wrong.

This is her splint. Are moon boots back in style?

She also hit her arm and has a bruise-of-many-colors.

I'm intrigued by this picture hanging on the hospital (Utah Valley Regional Medical Center) lobby wall. Anyone know about "The Pride of Provo"? Nice track stand for the photo.

We're establishing a new routine with Mom out of commission. The kids are stepping up and I figured out how to cook dinner. Tomorrow will be my first day getting the kids off to school.


Blackdog said...

Hope she is feeling better. That is rough. One of the guys I work with does search and rescue. He was up there on the motorcycle.

KanyonKris said...

The two moto guys were the first S&R to arrive. They were great. S&R has my respect and gratitude.

OldNSlo said...

just read your thread....hope your wife heals up quickly.
I was struck by the fact that she still managed to smile in all the pictures. Tough Lady!