The Hardware

Yesterday we got some x-rays of the hardware in Jolene's leg.

I winced when I saw it. That's more hardware than I expected - two plates and eighteen screws, by my count.

The good news is, it looks like the breaks are closed up nicely. That pointy sliver on the Fibula doesn't look good, but I suspect it will grow back into the main bone.

She has less pain now and it doesn't throb so bad when she stands up. She's getting around on crutches OK. Still, she spends most of the day riding the couch and it got old 3 days ago. She has read all the comments here, on Facebook and e-mails - thank you all for the sympathy and words of kindness and encouragement.

I was determined to fill in and be Mr. Helpful. I did not expect it to be so tiring. I've been a zombie this week. Double my coke intake for the next seven weeks? Those energy drinks seem like a really good idea now.

Jolene will see the doctor next week to get a cast. We'll know more about her mobility options then.

Maybe she'll be bionic.


Jesse said...

I know how she feels - I discovered you guys' whole Utah cycling blog scene when I was couch and bed-ridden for a few weeks after my own injury. Some of us just weren't meant to sit around and watch TV and it's amazing how quickly you reach the "end" of the internet when all you want is to get up and DO something. Wish I had some advice to make it more tolerable. Good luck on healing as quickly as possible!

FraSiec said...

Wow, what an x-ray. I've got torn cartilage in my knee, but now i feel fortunate.

stay strong and best of luck to her.

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments. The pain has gone down but it's still there. Next up is the cast on Friday.