Quad Chin

In my last post I noticed something disturbing. No, it wasn't the photos of Jolene's stitched up leg (although they are attention-getters), it was this photo:

You see it, right? It sure jumped out at me. Evidently I have FOUR chins.

Or are they gills? I'd be happier if they were gills.

But they aren't gills, they're rolls of skin. Like a Shar Pei.

I already have a hard time remembering to suck in my gut for photos, now it seems I need to not scrunch up my neck. Perhaps turtle necks are the answer.

Dug, may I borrow a phrase? I hate myself.


KDAY Racing said...

The "quad" where ever it may be is also a sign of a good dad and family man. Well done!

Roses said...

Make sure the camera is located so that you have to look upward at it. It pulls all the wrinkles back too. Much easier than sucking in that gut.