30 Switchbacks, Bike Park, Tour Of Utah

I joined Josh and Nate for a ride in AF Canyon Saturday morning. Tibble Fork Reservoir was misty.

We climbed up Mill Canyon. The bottom has a rough-and-tumble quality. I made so-so attempts up the steep grunts. The stream crossings were usually followed by moon dust which does wonders for chains.

I like climbing the switchbacks to the top. Get into a rhythm and grind it out. We counted the switchbacks on the way up, I was surprised by the total: 30.

Bounced through the rock gardens along the Ridge, but there are plenty of smooth sections. And the view is good.

Descending Tibble put a smile on my face. Just plain fun. Seems to be rougher than I remembered. Is it unclimbable now? I'd like to see it done.

Kade has been bugging me to take him to the skate park so I took him Saturday afternoon. He had fun rolling around. He's not very brave yet but still had fun. I rode his bike around a bit - big man, little bike, had a ball.

After church Jolene and I drove up the Alpine Loop to see the Tour of Utah take that KOM. It's amazingly verdant and cool up there, refreshing. We rang our cowbells for the racers. Still impresses me how fast those guys ride.

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South County Ciclista said...

Sounds like a good weekend.