Draper Rim (Ann's) Again

I finally got out for a ride yesterday. I thought about Millcreek or even Park City, but I was too lazy to drive farther. So I settled for Corner Canyon, as if that's really settling. I wanted to get up high where it's cooler, that's all. But Corner Canyon has some shade and the heat wasn't really an issue.

Up lower Corner Canyon, then Canyon Hollow, then Brocks, down Draper Rim (soon to be Ann's) all the way out to Oak Hollow and took the BST back then finished off with Creek View.

Draper Rim is still rough with plenty of roots sticking up but a pretty good line is wearing in. Gotta watch out but it has some flow and I had a good time descending it.

There is a new little sidecut trail to enter the tunnel on the east side.

The trail west of the tunnel has been smoothed and de-rooted. Pretty nice riding all the way to the end.

I stopped to take a phone call and a hummingbird kept buzzing me and peeing near me. I think I was in his turf.

There is an unofficial sign where Draper Rim crosses Maple Hollow DH. It says DH in graffiti script and points down and to the right. I like.

I really liked the long downhill west of the Maple Hollow DH crossing. Rolls nice, can go pretty fast but watch for loose gravely spots.

Patches of deep, loose sand in the culvert.

Why does the up-and-down section of BST along Mike Weir wear me out?

A word to the wise Corner Canyon rider: When you see white dirt, slow down.

If I had Rick's sales skills I would tout Draper Rim like he did for the Maple Hollow DH, which he called Crack Cocaine. It's a great trail but mellower, so maybe it's Mary Jane.


Where is this toilet?

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