Reunion, Rain, Ride and Random

There is too much, let me sum up.

We had a big family reunion Monday. My father-in-law and his brothers and sisters and their kids and grandkids. 120 people.

We had breakfast, took some family photos and played some games at a park in Cottonwood Heights.

It started to rain so the action moved under the pavilion.

The next day I took Jolene's nephew-in-law for a mountain bike ride up Big Springs. He's from Wisconsin where the trails are flat and the air thick, he suffered but enjoyed the ride.

Today I got home early enough to go for a mountain bike ride up in the foothills. It had just rained hard and I wondered if there would be mud, but then I remembered the words of Sunderlage the Wise: the UC trails drain like kitty litter. Sure enough the trails were fine and I had a good ride.

On the way back I looked for a Mad Dog bottle. Mad Dog runs a contest on Facebook where they hide water bottles filled with goodies. I finally found one, bottle #9.

Exiting Provo Canyon the sunset was fire and rain.

Still glowing strong when I got home.

Come on, sing it:

Kade caught some stag beetles at the reunion. He's spent hours watching and tending them. We're trying to feed them but I think from the beetles point of view it's a death box. One has succumbed already. A circle of life teaching moment is coming.

That's all for now.

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