Payson Canyon Dirt Tour

Before I get to the ride, Friday evening we went to the Utah County Fair. We looked at animals, crafts, fruits, vegetables, preserves, trains, legos, etc. After eating some fair food we watched the ranch rodeo. No riding bucking animals, just common cowboy skills - mostly roping. Here's my nephew-in-law (on the left) getting ready with is team to rope a cow.

Saturday I got up early to join Jesse, Brandon and Miles on a tour of the Payson Canyon trails. This is home turf for Jesse and Brandon so Miles and I let them guide us around.

It was a good route. We started at the bottom of Beenie Creek then took the road up to Pete Winward, then Sheepherder, then up the gravel Santaquin Canyon road, east on Rock Springs then up Frank Young. Here we split up. Brandon had already taken off to get home. Jesse and Miles dropped down the paved road to meet a couple for another loop. I took Blackhawk.

Still some wildflowers along Sheepherder.

A little stream crossing on Sheepherder.

Miles and Brandon.

Me and Jesse.

I've never done Blackhawk this direction (counterclockwise), I liked it. It was a little unnerving going solo, especially with Jesse and Brandon having seen bears recently. I saw a few other riders. At Blackhawk Campground I ran into the scouts from my neighborhood.

Blackhawk was fun, but my legs didn't have much punch after chasing three fast guys. There were more downed trees and muddy spots than past years but overall the trail was in good shape.

The tasty desert to this delicious meal was Bennie Creek. It was in good shape and a blast. It has to be one of the best downhills in the state - long and flowy with a sprinkling of tech.

Thanks Jesse, Brandon and Miles for a great ride.

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