AF Canyon in November

Everyone say "hi" to Mike:

With the gates closing off the Alpine Loop, this is what the Timpooneke trail head parking lot looks like in November. Not another soul. Mike and I carpooled up from mouth of American Fork Canyon and parked at the gate where we met Todd at 12:30. I was expecting cold air, but it was warm - felt as warm as the valley. We biked up the road to get to the trail head. I took up my position in the rear since Todd and Mike are considerably faster than I am. Generally good trail conditions - there were some muddy spots along the Timpooneke trail, and we felt a bit bad riding on it, but we only sunk down 1 inch or so which shouldn't cause much damage. At the top of each climb I'd see Mike and Todd waiting for me. Then I'd see them for a while until they left me behind. Not a big deal, I just rolled along enjoying the ride. I was feeling pretty worked - not sure if it was because I was trying to keep up or if yesterday's climbing during the lunch road ride wore me down. Maybe both.

I've done this route many times, but it still satisfies. Nice climbs, Pine Hollow hurts me some. The Ridge is entertaining and the views are great. Ripping down Deer Creek South Fork I noted how good this section of trail is - I'd rank it in the top 10 in the state.

About half way down I caught up to Mike and Todd who were stopped. Todd had a rock flip up and nail him in the shin - dang, those hurt. Made a nice lump.

The climb up Deer Creek South Fork was OK. I wasn't very strong, but I was warmed up. Had to hit the shame gear (granny) a few times. We talked about going down Tibble Fork, but we were running out of time so it was just out the Ridge then down Pine Hollow and back the way we came. Todd and Mike let fly and I went fast (for me). It was a fun downhill romp. I missed the first bump/jump in Pine Hollow, but hit the next one for a little air. Carving down the trail - way fun. I was tired and not in the mood so I wasn't surprised I didn't make the bridge.

We zipped down the road with a few attacks here and there just for kicks (I hit 40 mph, Mike had 43). Saw 3 roadies coming up - great day to do the road Loop. And that was that. I went back to work, but the ride kept me pumped for the rest of the day.


Eat Sleep MTB said...

thanks for the "motor-pace" to the bottom of the canyon, seriously sweet ride.

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