Blogger Slideshow

Blogger has a new Slideshow page element I added to my blog (top of the side menu). It's pointing to my Moab photo album now, but I'll change that to a new album of favorite cycling photos eventually. I've been meaning to put together a "best of" set of photos for a while, so this new slideshow will motivate me to actually get around to doing it.

Update: The slideshow is now of my favorite mountain biking photos. It took a while to put together. First I had to organize all my photos (create a better directory structure, rename files, then move them into the proper directory) then sort through 1,200 photos to pick out my 83 favorites. It took several hours, but it was worth doing. Looking through all these images brought back a lot of good memories and reminded me how thankful I am for all the joy mountain biking has brought me.


ANNA-LYS said...

That is great!
I have never used that tool ... but I sure will! Thanks for showing it in action!

Skip said...

Did you by any chance link to Photobucket? I'd like to but can't make it work, so am looking for help!!

*Jennifer* said...

I have also been trying to do this through photobucket and can't make it work! Any suggestion?
Love yours by the way!