Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

Cyclists are generally passionate about cycling, so giving them a cycling-related gift is a sure bet. Here are a few gift ideas:

OK, these Hello Kitty tires are more likely a gag gift, but if you happen to know someone who is both a cyclist and a Hello Kitty fan, these tires will surely fill them with Christmas glee.

Although useless (unless you consider paper weight an essential function), this 3D Cyclist "crystal" is just too cool. I'd stare at it for a good hour and show it with pride to all family, friends and Holiday well-wishers. After Christmas I'd put it on a shelf in my office and never notice it again until a visitor points it out, at which time it will be paraded as a rare work of art that was purchased for me at great cost by an adoring person who understands my magnificence. So, ya, this is a great gift!

This is manliness. Barbecuing with this Park BBQ Tool Set advertises that you are not just a cyclist, but a cyclist who works on his own bikes and likes to play with fire AND eat chunks of meat. Now let me hear your Tim 'The Tool Man' grunt!

This is the gift that keeps on taking ... your self-confidence. Each look at this endo sculpture will remind you of the perils of mountain biking, which you've probably experienced first-(broken)-hand. And as the saying goes - once bitten, twice shy - remembering all those painful crashes will erode your confidence until you find yourself at the first ride of 2008 as timid as a kid who just had his training wheels removed. So give this gift to your rival who always seems to outdo you on every ride - s/he won't be so gung-ho next year with a shattered ego.

Like displaying a rainbow flag, this Sprocket Doorbell tells everyone coming to your home, "I'm proud to be completely obsessed with bicycles!" Studies show visitors to your home will drop by 34%.


Utah Mnt biker said...

I'd like to you see you with those hello kitty tires at the next ICUP race! Better yet the frozen hog.

KanyonKris said...

Mondo traction, for sure!