Nice November Lunch Ride

I met up with Sam and Jeff for a lunch road ride. I haven't ridden with Sam for months so it was nice to hook up. Jeff is on the same cycling team as Sam. We met at Jeff's work (1-800-CONTACTS) and rode together from there east through Draper.

It's always fun to meet another cyclist and so it was with Jeff. He's on the Draper City Council so we talked about roads and trails. Draper is doing a fantastic job preserving open space and creating parks and trails. Their trail network is really good and only getting better as they add more trails.

OK, back to the ride - when we hit the foothills we took Highland back. I didn't feel like hammering and I'm glad we all felt like a mellow ride. At I-15 they took the Frontage road and I continued on back to work. The temperature was a bit cool, but still enjoyable. A nice Friday ride.

Tomorrow morning the plan is to meet Mark in Park City and ride some route involving the Mid Mountain trail. I'm still shocked that these mountain trails are open - gotta ride while 'em while I can.

I check in with several cycling blogs - some daily, others less frequently. Most are locals, but a few are out of state. A few months ago I started reading Bike Snob NYC and found I enjoyed his witty writing. Today's post is exceptionally good - I laughed out loud several times.

The video below amazed me. I've heard of bike polo, but not cycle ball. These guys are incredible - the way they move so freely, it's like the bike is a part of them. In that wonderfully viral internet way, I found it on KDay's blog and he heard about it from Tolbert.

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