Ride Redo for the Birthday Girl

It's Jolene's birthday and she wanted to mountain bike and go out for dinner. Being the good, selfless husband that I am, I complied with her wishes.

Around 10 am she decided not to ride because it was too cold, but around 2 pm she decided to go for it so I left work and we were on the bikes around 3 pm. From our house we pedaled the few blocks to the Orem Cemetery then took the service road up into the mouth of Provo Canyon. We saw a group of 3 other mountain bikers coming up from the old race track trails. We met them at the trail fork, said hi and kept rolling. This section of trail is fairly new and it's much nicer than the old way up which featured a steep, loose section that is near impossible to ride up.

Soon enough we came to our fork. This is the section of new trail I did last ride. Jolene had a little crash on the first climb - it's narrow, steep and rooty. At the Tee we went left just to see where it was headed. Within a few yards we came to an intersection of several trails. I'll have to explore these some other day.

We turned around and went back and took the trail I rode on Saturday. We saw some deer and passed through the two nice clearings.

The little climb beyond the second meadow was good. Once on the ridge I went up a bit further to look around. I found another trail that looked promising. This place is loaded with trails!

We took the same new-looking trail down and Jolene liked it too. We picked our way down the newly graded service road, then took the canal trail back home.

After the ride we got cleaned up and went to Happy Sumo for dinner. We usually just get sushi, but I tried an entree this time - trout with shrimp and scallops - plus sushi. We got four rolls: Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Utah and Samaria. Good stuff!

I got her a rose and card, and we ordered a Twin Six jersey for her. A very nice afternoon and evening with my lovely and loving wife. I'm very grateful she likes to mountain bike - it's made for a lot of good memories and enjoyment we continue to share.


Eat Sleep MTB said...

My wifes birthday is Nov. 26, I would have loved Sushi, I was stuck with KFC, I mean Magleby's.

KanyonKris said...

Jolene's birthday is also the 26th, but she asked me not to blog on her birthday so I did it today and backdated it.

UtRider said...

She didn't want you to blog on her birthday?! What better gift than a blog entry in her honor. No woman could ask for more.

Yeah, Cami sometimes gets a little frustrated with my blog too. Like right now in fact... :)