This Can't Be November

Last week had mild temperatures, and this week has been the same so far and looks to continue through Saturday. It's bonus Fall biking!

Pretty crazy weather. But I'm not complaining - I'm riding as much as possible because it's not going to last. Even some of the mountain trails like Glenwild, Mid Mountain and American Fork Canyon are open. I'm going to take half a day off tomorrow and hit AF Canyon with Todd and Mike. Ya, I'll be playing catch-up the whole ride, but I'll be happy just riding good mountain single-track so late in the year. In fact, we're talking about hitting it Friday as well. And my wife and I are planning to do some Mid Mountain Saturday.

Today I did a nice solo road ride. Just 10 or so miles at lunch over in Draper. I did the climb up Rambling Road and didn't feel very strong. I hope I didn't toast myself for the ride tomorrow. But the temperature was perfect - cool enough I didn't overheat, and I didn't get cold. This kind of weather could go all Winter and I'd be happy.

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Eat Sleep MTB said...

I love the rambling road climb, good warmup for Suncrest! I am not taking a half day tomorrow, how long do you expect to ride?

KanyonKris said...

Talked to Mike some more - probably only 2 hours riding. The usual Timponeeke Loop and come down Pine Hollow or maybe Tibble Fork.