Cycling Winter Jailbreak

Good 2 hours out on the road bike today. With temps over 40 it was go time. DJ called me around noon and we decided to just make up a local route.

I met DJ on 8th East in Orem and we headed west toward the sunshine (the clouds kept hanging around the mountains to the east). We took 4th North to Geneva Road then made our way out to Utah Lake and tried out the new bicycle/jogging path - smooth new pavement. Along the way we saw Josh and 2 other riders from the Utah Velo Club - we stopped and chatted for a bit. We continued south on Geneva Road then made our way east through Provo then took 9th East up around the Provo Temple then took University Avenue back home.

I was so happy to ride I pushed the pace. My legs started tiring the last 5 miles. But I was so pumped just to be out riding I didn't care. Fresh air, sunshine, cranking along on the bike - ahhhh! Here are the ride stats:

31.4 miles
16.1 mph average
1 hour, 56 minutes riding
866' climbing

After lunch Jolene and I went out for a quick spin on the mountain bikes. Nothing big, just over to and up a good hill climb then back home. Maybe a half hour. The mountain bike felt good too. I'm excited to be heading south next weekend for some dirt time.

I also spun for 45 minutes yesterday while I watched the BYU Men's Volleyball game (they played Standford and nearly lost which would have put an end to their unbeaten season). This was the first time I've not used a spinning DVD - I just made up my own intervals. I went 1 minute on, 1 minute off. I alternated between pushing a hard gear, then standing on an even harder gear, then high cadence on a fairly light gear, repeat. It didn't work me as hard as Biking Power, but I wanted to take it easy because I was hoping to ride today and didn't want to be fried.

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irideiwrite said...

i can not wait for Friday and Saturday to come. If it's at all possible for me to get away, I'm shooting for 100+ miles over the weekend.

Something tells me the group ride Saturday at 9 a.m. is going to be huge.

For all you ICUP racers, enjoy the weekend.