Granite Flat Fun Ski

Jolene and I went up to Granite Flat in American Fork Canyon to cross country ski. The valley was socked in with clouds, but it was sunny up Tibble Fork. We parked and hiked up along the creek to Spike Loop before putting on the skis.

The trails weren't groomed, but it was still pretty good skiing.

Out on Barracks Loop we saw a moose laying down about 30 yards away. After skiing up Tree Army Loop we went exploring off in the untracked snow. We skied across a meadow then played around on the slopes nearby. I made a short run down this sidehill:

Then I played around on a picnic table piled with snow. I made it up on top and accidentally sliced off the end cap of snow like the heel of a loaf of bread.

I was going to try skiing off it, but the side collapsed and I fell down.

A little ways away we skied over a bridge that crosses a stream. Yeah, the snow's pretty deep this year.

Then skiing back we had a second moose sighting. We think it was the same one we saw earlier, but it could have been a different one.

We had a great time just skiing easy and doing whatever we felt like doing. And it was nice that the sun was out.

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