You Spin Me Round

This is for Mark because he said I couldn't spin for 25 minutes:

Yep, tonight I visited an old friend: the Biking Power DVD at his home, the pain cave. I made it through the 55 minute workout, but I slacked off a few times and about half way through the last set (the race simulator) I stayed in the saddle on some of the standing sprints. I used to be able to get through the whole thing pretty strong. Time to buckle down or Mark won't want to ride with anymore because I'll be so slow. I tacked on some steady state spinning at the end to get solidly over 1 hour. So take that, Mark!

Wondering about the title of this post?

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Anonymous said...

I used to like that song and that group. then I grew old.

and the pain cave will soon be out of commission as the weather improves. but i'll visit mine (the spin studio which is what got me into cycling and I'm loyal to it)again and again because it's an easy place to go and offers a babydump child care center.