Sushi, Spinning & Riding

Sushi - Sunday evening we made sushi with my sister-in-law and her husband and son. When we became sushi lovers a few years back, it wasn't long before we got interested in making our own sushi. You only need a few inexpensive "tools" and it only takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it. We're no sushi chiefs, but we sure enjoy sitting around the table assembling the ingredients, rolling the sushi then swapping and eating. It's very social and fun. It was so good I ate too much. If there's interest in the comments, I'll post more details about roll-your-own sushi. Bonus: we had enough left over ingredients we made sushi Monday night too (and ate too much again).

Spinning - Hit the trainer Monday for another 45 minutes of spinning to Biking Power. Yep, it still hurts.

Riding - Got out today at lunch for a nice ride. I thought about going all the way up the north side of Suncrest, but my legs were still a bit sore from spinning and I just wasn't feeling it. I went up to Mike Weir Drive and went east past the golf course and new temple under construction. Then flew down the to Highland Drive and went along the foothill rollers. Then west through Draper and back to work in Bluffdale. 1300' of climbing, 15 miles in 1 hour for a 14.4 mph average. It seems I've still got a case of LLS (Lead Legs Syndrome) - I felt anything but light on the pedals. Disheartening, but all I can do is keep riding and hope my form comes back.

Heading to St. George Friday to put knobbies to dirt. My wife is racing, but I'll probably just go ride the nearby Zen and Barrel trails.


bradkeyes said...

Not racing? You could get the race in AND do Barrel Roll and Zen.

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the encouragement and misplaced faith in my hardcoreness (I like to make up words). Another factor is, my wife races early and I don't think I could sit around until noon with all that lovely dry dirt all around me, given the big winter we've had this year. Unlike the Wesley, I can't take torture.