2nd Road Race Coming Up

I've registered for the Sanpete Classic road race. This will be my second road race. The first was Hell of the North this year, but it's more of a circuit race. The Sanpete race is 72 miles.

I'm feeling anxious and uncertain. I've heard plenty of racing stories and advice, but that's academic and not the same as actually doing. Will I get dropped? Will I get dropped early? Will I negotiate the two neutral feeds properly? Will I have the right food and drink? Will I bonk? Will I have bike problems? Will someone crash into me? Some of these questions never go away, but being new to road racing my anxiety is higher. But this uncertainty is also part of the thrill so I'm trying to remind myself that new things are fun.

At least the weather forecast looks OK, now. Cooler would be nice, but I won't complain.

I hope the start is a mellow roll out and not a bolt from the line like mountain bike racing.

I should be OK for the distance, but if the pace is high and I'm working too hard from the start, I may not last.

Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough. I hope it will be a good experience.


I am Matt said...

Best of luck. If anything else its going to be one for the books.

KC said...

Glad to see you haven't completely given up on racing. Good luck and have fun.


kvigor said...

Kris, I'm hoping to be there, dependent on family situation. If so, at least you won't have to fear being DFL...

// do you think there's anything for the wife & kids to do in Spring City?

KanyonKris said...

i am matt: not sure about the books, but probably the blog.

kvigor: I hope to see you there.

For the wife and kids:

We enjoyed Maple Canyon. Mostly a rock climbing spot so if they climb they'd have fun, but it's fun just to watch. Box Canyon is nice little walk. At the end of the right fork road is a trail that's a nice hike. http://sanpete.com/pages/climb

The Manti Temple has that ornate style like the Salt Lake City temple. It's on a grassy hill. A nice place to visit just to look/walk around.

Looks like most of those towns have a park or two. Manti and Ephraim have walking tours. http://sanpete.com/pages/parks

UtRider said...

I think you'll surprise yourself with how well you do. Especially if you shave your legs!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above. Good luck out there.

Too late for any advice from me, but I just do the pass-fail racing and try to stick with the pack. You're a strong cyclist and this is a course you should be fine with.

Looking forward to the report.

Anonymous said...

Well ...