Family Reunion

I was going to ride in the morning, but I got a sinus infection and had a nasty headache Friday night and didn't get much sleep. So I took it easy Saturday morning.

Just after noon Jolene and I felt the need to get out for a quick ride. We went up Big Spring Hollow so I could show Jolene the bigger loop trail I was shown this spring. It was cooler up there and the ride was fun. I made it up the two tough climbs - the short one through the gully, and the log one on the east side of the meadow. They were both a bit loose and dusty. Next time I want to do the big loop the other direction, or do a figure eight with the big and small loops.

Back home we finished packing up and headed to my family reunion at the Spanish Oaks Reservoir (PDF map) in Spanish Fork. It was hot with not much shade, but the water was cool. I swam with my kids and took one ride in the canoe. It was good to see my aunts and uncles and cousins again - some came in from California.

I wanted to do more riding today, but sometimes it doesn't work out. But all in all it was a nice Saturday.

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