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Entertaining myself sitting at the computer tonight - web surfing, playing some games, listening to some music. Here are some tunes I enjoyed:

The Supreme Beings of Leisure (album of the same name) - At my last job a guy introduced me to this band/album. It's different, and I like different if it's good, and this is good. Inventive tunes, a dash of 60s style, modern production, cabaret female vocalist singing funky lyrics. Sadly Amazon doesn't have any samples, go check it out on iTunes.
Update: I found some of their songs on YouTube - Never The Same, Strangelove Addiction, Last Girl On Earth, What's The Deal, Truth From Fiction, The Sublime.

Alison Krauss and Union Station (Live) - I don't usually like live albums, and I don't usually like bluegrass/country, but with such skilled musicians these songs soar. Several songs have a darker tinge which makes them intriguing. You'll recognize I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, Bright Sunny South and a few others, but also check out The Lucky One, Baby Now That I've Found You, Stay, Ghost In This House, Maybe, But You Know I Love You, and When You Say Nothing At All.

Then I put it on shuffle and hit some 80s tunes (New Wave, Rock and a few Pop tunes), acoustic guitar, Talking Heads, Eagles, Devo, Oingo Boingo, Boston, U2, James Taylor (my daughter went to his concert last night) and random freebies I've collected over the years. That reminds me, I should collect the best of the freebies and post them up here some day - maybe this winter when things slow down.

Bonus: A song that I find hilarious is Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches. The video is bizarre:

On the bike front, I went for a ride at lunch. I felt like something different today so I went south even though it looked like rain. Luckily I only got a few drops - seems it's so hot not much rain is making it to the ground. At Thanksgiving Point I jogged over to the paved Jordan River trail and went north to see the new trail Todd mentioned. It looks like they're building a parking area for a trail head there, but not sure where the trail will continue north. I went up the road and turned south onto Redwood - it's a mess with the construction and I won't bike it again until it's finished. Looped back to work on 146th. Another good lunch ride.

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DJ said...

Yesterday was perfect for a lunch hour ride. The temp in Utah Valley was mid 70's. I rode an Orem-Provo loop that started on 800 South, went south on Univ. Ave. to East Bay, west to Geneva Rd. and north back to Orem. Dave Ovoatt usually rides with me on Tues. & Thurs. but he hurt his knee while (are you ready for this?) cleaning the bath room, so he's on crutches for at least a week.