Out On The Water

Went out for sushi with my brother-in-law and his wife last night and they invited our family to go boating with their family today.

We hit Utah Lake around 9:30 am. A good day to be out on the water - clear and sunny, little wind, air not too hot, warm water.

I got to try wake surfing for the first time. The wake wasn't quite big enough, nor I skilled enough, to surf without the rope, but I still had a good time.

Jamie got up and did a little surfing too.

It took Jolene a few tries, but then she got up and surfed.

Rachel got close, but we ran out of time - she'll get it next time.

I also took a turn on the wake board. I used to wake board regularly, but it's been years. I was happy to discover that I haven't lost the skill completely. I even did a few air 180s and some good jumps.

We got home after noon, did some house work then took Jamie for her first real mountain bike ride. We bought her a real mountain bike a few weeks ago (a Gary Fisher Waahoo). We took her on the Big Spring Hollow trail (excellent beginner trail) and she did great. She rolled right over obstacles that many learners panic and stop. She got a bit tired by the meadow so we turned around and went back (plus it was getting dark). She did good on the downhill too. Maybe she'll get into mountain biking after all.

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