Potpourri Of The Week

Yes, I've watched some Jeopardy in my days.

I've had several things pile up this week that I've wanted to mention, so I'll just lump them all into one post:

New Shoes

I bought some new road shoes at the Pearl Izumi outlet in Park City (Jolene got some new shorts). Fast R2 shoes with a carbon fiber soul (yes SOUL!). They look a bit odd, but they fit well and I needed to upgrade from my first pair of road shoes I bought for cheap from Nashbar (amazingly they have been really good shoes).

Tire Blowout Averted

As I waited for the start of the Utah Velo Club ride Tuesday I happened to check my tires. Front, fine. Back, whoa! And there were 2 other bald spots. I rode gingerly and was earnestly watching for road hazards. I thought for sure I was going to blow out the tire, but the old Panaracer held in there for the 30 mile ride. And my previous ride had been the Sanpete race - I'm sure glad they didn't blow then! I'm going to try some Michelin Krylion Carbons next - I've heard they are a durable tire that performs well. Not as scary as Mark's near disaster, but still made me nervous.

CamelBak Podium Bottles

A month or so ago I bought a pair of CamelBak Podium bottles. Miles likes them and so do I. No plastic taste, no gunk (they have an anti-microbial treatment), and the self-sealing valve (like a CamelBak bite valve) produces good flow by squeezing the bottle or sucking on it with no leaks or dribbles. I'm dig 'em.

Bonus: Belgium Knee Warmers had two very good posts recently. Addiction and Junk Miles - read, enjoy, be enlightened.


Andy H. said...

Save the reciept on those Pearl shoes. Rhonda has that exact same shoe in the MTB version and it fell apart at the seams in under 6 months. Pearl was great about exchanging them but wouldnt do a full return without the reciept. On the plus side they were a very comfortable shoe and she liked the fit.

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the heads-up! Will keep the receipt.