Halloween 2008

Another Halloween is in the books. Warm with only a few sprinkles of rain. Jamie and I accompanied the Clone Trooper to collect treats (no tricks this year). Queen Amadala went to Naboo with her friends, and the head wound patient went to the hospital. Jolene stayed home to dole out the confections to the roving hoards of undead, no, make that children.

As a Wall Street trader (traitor?) it's been a tough year for me. Please send money - I take credit cards, PayPal, checks, anything. If I don't get some cash soon I may lose my house in the Hamptons or have to sell one of my sports cars. Yes, my situation is THAT desperate. (I hadn't shaved since Fruita last weekend so I put it to use in the costume. And that's a suit from the late 80s - I could still squeeze into the pants.)

Only 4 people we met could guess Jamie's costume without clues. Submit your guesses in the comments. (Elizabeth guessed the costume. Here's the answer.)

Kade feeling the after effects of lots of walking and candy consumption.

We drove 8 blocks west to watch a bit of entertainment (thanks for the tip, Kendra). Seems a family and some friends and neighbors were putting on a live reenactment of the Michael Jackson Thriller music video every half hour. We got there right as it started. A spooky-looking guy in a red robe and mask on a tower mimed the Vincent Price monologue then a bit of pyrotechnics and the dancers did their thing on the driveway. They had the moves down. The guy doing Michael even did some moon walk and the kicking-twisting leg thing. After dancing they moved back into the garage and the door went down - show over. Pretty cool they'd do this on their own to add to the holiday festivities.

Bonus: If the old Michael Jackson version is doing it for you, try this remix featuring Adam Sevani with some updated dance moves:


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

katie couric

KanyonKris said...


UtRider said...

Keep that beard growing and give Adam a run for hairiest rider next year!

We went trick-or-treating with friends who showed us a house in the neighborhood that grills hotdogs and fries homemade donuts in their garage to give out. Way cool. That's the only house I scored a treat!

Elizabeth said...

Is she the morton salt girl?
That girl from singing in the rain?

KanyonKris said...

We have a winner - she's the Morton salt girl.

patty said...

such a cute family! where is jolene in a costum? we enjoyed riding with you two this fall. we'll have to do it again.

KanyonKris said...

Jolene didn't do a costume this year, hence no photo of her.

Yes, we'll have to do some more riding next year.