Just Another Blizzard

The storm today has been putting down the snow. The above picture was taken at 1:20 PM. It was snowing harder earlier today.

The wind packed 2 inches of heavy snow onto the dish for our wireless Internet, causing it to go out. I had to get up on the roof and remove the snow.

The drive home is sure to be a circus.

Here's a little video for Mark so he'll feel better about his riding in Arizona.

On the plus side I went out with Kade and Kara to do a little sledding Saturday. They were both on cheap vinyl tubes - the kind usually used as pool toys. These are usually faster than other sleds and tubes. The kids had loads of fun even though the hill is small. There was a small jump. I added some spicy by pushing them down the hill, then later I added a spin - they loved it.

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