Rolling Snow

My last ride was 16 days ago - seems like an eternity. And Mark's Arizona riding is agitating me to ride. It was a fairly nice day, so I went.

Hopped on the mountain bike, pedaled the mile on the streets to the gravel water tank road - went up and out to the end and back. The city plowed it not long ago so the riding was pretty good. Mostly snow-packed, with several spots of loose snow kept it interesting. I enjoyed the ride - it felt good to be on the bike.

It was 35 degrees when I left, 30 when I returned. The water in my CamelBak hose froze. Didn't need much water for a short (but sweet) 8 mile ride.

Looking over at Cascade Mountain.

Looking up at Timp.

A section of looser snow.

A winter wonderland.

A nice day, in a wintry way.

Around that corner I hit a patch of loose stuff coming the other way and slid out.

The luge run down.

Mark, see what you could be riding back home? Arizona's overrated.


UtRider said...

I think I'll stay another week...

KC said...

Wow I went up the day before and there was not any dirt showing. Looks like a lot of snow melted.