Squaw Peak Conditions

I live near the mouth of Provo Canyon, and on my way to run some errands I drove up to see how the Squaw Peak road looks for Kenny's ride tomorrow. It was around 20 F when I left the house 10:30 am. I was pleased to find:

The road dry up to the gate.

And past the gate it's covered with packed snow. The snow was solid enough that I couldn't break through it, even when I stomped on it. And I didn't see any ice - just grippy, hard snow.

And the lower parking lot is plowed.

I called Kenny to report the conditions and learned he rode his bike part way up last night. Kenny confirmed that the same conditions exist up as far as he rode. Conditions should be excellent for riding tomorrow. See you there.

I leave you with this:

It stands over 15 feet. Yes, those are 2x4 arms. The super-tall top hat is a nice touch.

My neighbor built it. He said he thought his back was going to go out lifting the 2nd ball on top of the bottom one. And it felt like he was going to have an aneurysm when he lifted the 3rd and 4th, even when he used a 2x4 ramp to roll the balls up higher before lifting. But it's a Dad thing: risk personal injury for your kids.

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Have a GREAT ride tomorrow!