Crazy Stunt Or Fun Adventure ?

Last Winter I wanted to cross frozen Utah Lake after reading about Davy Crockett running across it once, twice (50 miles!), three times. Recently I read he did it again just a week ago (video) and it got me excited to do it myself.

Mark thinks I'm nuts, and my wife isn't thrilled either, but it sounds like an interesting adventure to me.

(photo Davy Crockett)

My plan is to cross country ski, which should be very safe since it spreads my weight over a larger area of the ice. And the ice seems thick enough right now. I'd like to ski from just south of the Lindon boat harbor across to Pelican point and back. That's 11 miles (5.5 miles each way).

I've also considered riding my mountain bike across. A bike would be faster than skis if the ice surface is good (not too much snow and not bald ice - unless you have studded tires). But it seems prudent to try the skis first and see what it's like.

I am taking some safety precautions. I'll wear an ice self-rescue device. It's simply two screwdrivers with a cord connecting them to be worn under the coat - a screwdriver in each sleeve. If you fall through the ice you pull the screwdrivers out of each sleeve, drive them into the ice and pull yourself out and along the ice. And I'll have a rope.

If Davy can RUN on the ice, I should be fine on skis.

So, am I normal or abi-normal for wanting to do this? Anyone want to join me Saturday morning?

Update: No one wanted to join me, and I was too nervous to ski across the lake solo, and people wanred me not to do it, AND my wife would have worried about me - so I did something else this morning. I'll blog about it soon.


29er said...

I thought I talked you out of this! I don't like to spend my Saturday morning feeling nervous.

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Kris. My buddy and I wanted to do something similar but after talking to a Utah Lake expert, decided against it. He told us the lake ice is constantly shifting because of the warm pockets of water underneath. He said he wouldn't do it, ever.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I'm thinking your wife and friends have the right idea...can you pick a less dangerous way to spend the day? I just donated $10 to the cause and want to see you live to shave your legs :-)

JoshuaMcC said...

I think it's a very hairy legs thing to do. Go for it. Just don't drown. You should wear one of those life jackets that look like suspenders but inflate with co2 when you pull the cord. Then you only have to worry about freezing your nuggets off. Or diing of hypothermia.

turbocycling said...

I have ridden my bike on some frozen lakes... Even though you know it's strong enough, it's a little unnerving at first.