2008 Mountain Biking Goals Review

At the beginning of 2008 I set out a few cycling goals - stuff I wanted to do. The list has been on the right sidebar all year. Overall I'm happy with 2008. I tried several new things and generally had a lot of enjoyable time in the saddle. Let's review:

Mountain Biking

  • Fruita - We finally made it, thanks to Andy and Rhonda as our guides. It was good, even though my expectations after all these years were high. I'm sure I'll go back.
  • Mark to Moab - I couldn't get Mark to Moab this year, but he's talking about going this Spring. This WILL happen this year.
  • Tubeless - I converted my bike and my wife's to tubeless this year. The conversion hit a few snags and I needed to add sealant more often than I expected, but overall it was a good move. I like the ability to run low air pressure without worrying about pinch flats. The improved feel and traction are welcome. The sealant has prevented all flats.
  • Wheel Building - I planned to build a pair of wheels, but only finished the rear. Kind of a good thing because now I know I want a rim that works good tubeless. I'm going to build a front wheel this year with a Stan's ZTR rim. The rear wheel I built works good, but I swapped it out for a lighter wheel I bought from Mr. Goate.
  • Racing - I raced a few times. Just enough to remind me how tough but strangely satisfying it is, but not so much that I got burned out. I tried a Tuesday Solitude race and a Wednesday Sundance Race this year - they were OK, but honestly I would have rather been joy riding a trail. I did three mountain bike biathlons - good fun. I did a few ICup races and will probably do the same in 2009. The St. George races are a good bet because it's a good excuse to escape the dreary cold of the north and get some warm and sun. The other races are more optional.
  • Endurance Race - I had my eye on the Perfect 10 in Park City, but I couldn't make it and as I read reports and thought about it, I've decided I'm not an endurance racer. Especially not lap races. Maybe I'll try the Perfect 10 in 2009, but only if I'm in the mood at the time. Not going on the 2009 goal list. Why would I want to spend hours going round and round when I could be riding miles of our sweet local single-track? Or cruising the White Rim?
  • New Trails - Riding a trail for the first time might be my favorite thing about mountain biking. I rode a pile of new trails in Fruita. A few in Utah (OK, more than a few), and even some in my own backyard. But I didn't make it to Little Creek - that's on the 2009 goal list - gotta do it.
  • Favorite Trails - I rode plenty of my favorite trails in 2008. Blackhawk, Slickrock, Wasatch Crest (in a loop ride with Mid Mountain), Ridge 157 and Millcreek. But I missed Timp Perimeter (uphill?) and Gooseberry Mesa. Oh, well, can't have it all.
Wow, putting together this review took longer than I thought! I'll save the road biking and miscellaneous stuff for another post.

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MOCougFan said...

Nice list Kris. I continue to be very jealous. I have White Rim on my calendar. I hope it's the same time as last years. If not I'll be riding a solo!! It will be the longest Mtn Bike ride I've done. Looking forward to it.

Thanks for the links to some of your previous posts.